Watching the Nightly News as a Child

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Growing I was a little different. Instead of watching cartoons like other kids I liked to watch the news. I found it interesting learning about what was going on near me. Some of the stories were rather bland or seemed to be a stretch, but the news of daily life was always intriguing. I also loved to watch national news casts. There are so many interesting things that are going on in this country. So many good stories that I was able to hear about every day. One of the things that always intrigued me most was the weather. I found it fascinating that someone could predict what the weather was going to be like the next day. They weren’t always right, but usually they were pretty close. Now that I’ve grown a little older I’m less inclined to enjoy the news. Even the weatherman with his green screens doesn’t hold the same appeal.

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Piano Lessons

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Deciding to start my own business from home seemed to be a smart thing to do. I had the training to teach beginner piano lessons to children and adults. I had a keyboard and stand that was easy to move around, and easy to play. I started to tell family and friends about the opportunity for their children to take beginner piano lessons. I wrote out a note on some construction paper about my piano lesson business hoping to receive many calls.

Several weeks went by and I had not received one telephone call. I went back to the store to look at my note I had put up, and realized it looked very unprofessional. Going back home I ordered my own business cards with my own design on them. Went back to the store, and put one up and soon I was receiving several telephone calls for piano lessons.

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Too Hot Too Sweat

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It is bad enough that the most important clients that we have are coming to town, but to have the air conditioning Oldham on the fritz on one of the hottest days of the year is really the worse. We are looking at at least a two hour presentation in a very small cramped room. I am already nervous about this and no way to keep the room cool on top of all this. This meeting needs to go well. Do I have time to move the location to a restaurant or something? Why could the boss just not take care of all of this? Oh that is right he is sitting on a beach somewhere drinking a nice cool beverage with an umbrella in it. It truly is too hot too sweat today.

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Alternative Medicine Without Drugs

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Studies show that more and more Americans are switching to alternative routes of ways to solve their medical conditions. Since more and more doctors have come to the conclusion that stress plays a big factor in a lot of different diseases such as high blood pressure. Americans are more opened to try different techniques such as meditation, therapy, yoga, and acupuncture Manchester as ways to channel stress, anxiety, and other medical problems. Most Americans are still keen on the idea of going to the pharmacy and purchasing prescriptions to cure their illness. The idea of drugs solving solutions of depression, anxiety, and other mental disabilities come into debate on whether this can be considered a disease or a deep emotional problems. For experts in the medical field might exam this as a disease, but Americans leaning towards Christian belief or certain Psychiatrist might say this is a deep emotional problem and they need spiritual intervention. Is this just a idea of different thesis or is this a question of who’s the real healer God or Man.


Why Is Grandpa So Happy?

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Every family has it’s traditions, those things you do every year without really knowing why. In my family it’s St. Valentine’s Day. From as far back as I can remember my family has always gathered on that day for the Annual St. Valentine’s Day Variety Show. Everyone was required to participate whether they had talent or not, Uncle Jack would always juggle and Grandma Amy sang Amazing Grace. This year’s event was to be extra special as we would all be welcoming my brother’s new wife and her four year old daughter, Lizzie, to the family.

My brother called me the next day to ask for my help. Lizzie kept saying grandpa’s smile was broken and he didn’t understand what she meant. When I asked her, she said whenever anyone talked to him he had to put his finger in his ear to make his smile work. I explained to my brother that what she saw was grandpa adjusting the volume on his hearing aids Altrincham. He always turns them off during the variety show and just smiles at everyone. We let Lizzie color him a get well card anyway.

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An Interesting Career

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Having met many in interesting positions, one of the best stories was from a woman who worked at the circus. She was in charge of conducting circus workshops, which allowed her to choose new acts for the show and help others improve their acts. She was in charge of everything, so she really had to be a jack of all trades. In addition to this, she was also in charge of the accounting and bookkeeping for the circus. That was a stressful position, but also one of the most interesting.

Those who are interested in finding a different kind of career should consider the circus. Even those who don’t have any particular talents can go into management or even choose to perform some of the business end tasks of the circus.


My Asia Fantasy Vacation

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How thrilling it is to be touring Asia with my new boyfriend Alejandro. Al and I have been dating for only three months but he insisted I go on vacation with him. I thought he meant a local bed and breakfast or maybe a quick trip to Bermuda, but was shocked when he insisted I accompany him to Hong Kong.

We’ve had a wonderful trip so far and out next stop is Kowloon. I’ve heard so many good things about the area and have been told the Hong Kong hotels are some of the best in the country. The hotel we’ll be staying in has an extensive wine cellar, a world-renown head chef and looks out onto the beautiful countryside.

I’m loving my vacation and my high school Cantonese has improved immensely. I know I’ll be sad when our time her is over and we head toward the airport for our return trip home.



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Edinburgh is the capital city and second largest city of Scotland. Each year, this city attracts millions of visitors. Some come for business, while others come just to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Whether one comes for business or pleasure, he or she is sure to have a good time. This city is not short of fun things to do. Those who love theatre can enjoy a play at the Edinburgh, Kings Theatre and The Royal Lyceum Theatre.

People who are looking forward to learning something while they are out of town can go to one of the many museums and libraries that Edinburgh has to offer. Each year, Edinburgh has its on festival that is filled with music, film and storytelling. All of this fun is sure to make one tired after a long day. There are many nice Premier Inn hotels in Edinburgh.