Our Business is Growing Even in this Economy

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For years we have made crafts and sold our items at local shows in our community. But times have changed. Wallets are tighter and people seem to like to shop from home. We were just about to go under when a cheap seo company changed our future. We found a company who set up a web site for us and created an SEO strategy for our success.

The results were truly astonishing. Not only did I not have to weather the rain and unpredictable weather at craft shows, our business took off. This small SEO company knew how to market and make our presence known to people not only in my state but the entire country. Sales are up and flourishing. And to think I was about to get a job at Walmart. I’ve learned to not give up but instead to stay up to date, think smart and use a company who knows technology to help your business fly.


My Asia Fantasy Vacation

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How thrilling it is to be touring Asia with my new boyfriend Alejandro. Al and I have been dating for only three months but he insisted I go on vacation with him. I thought he meant a local bed and breakfast or maybe a quick trip to Bermuda, but was shocked when he insisted I accompany him to Hong Kong.

We’ve had a wonderful trip so far and out next stop is Kowloon. I’ve heard so many good things about the area and have been told the Hong Kong hotels are some of the best in the country. The hotel we’ll be staying in has an extensive wine cellar, a world-renown head chef and looks out onto the beautiful countryside.

I’m loving my vacation and my high school Cantonese has improved immensely. I know I’ll be sad when our time her is over and we head toward the airport for our return trip home.



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Edinburgh is the capital city and second largest city of Scotland. Each year, this city attracts millions of visitors. Some come for business, while others come just to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Whether one comes for business or pleasure, he or she is sure to have a good time. This city is not short of fun things to do. Those who love theatre can enjoy a play at the Edinburgh, Kings Theatre and The Royal Lyceum Theatre.

People who are looking forward to learning something while they are out of town can go to one of the many museums and libraries that Edinburgh has to offer. Each year, Edinburgh has its on festival that is filled with music, film and storytelling. All of this fun is sure to make one tired after a long day. There are many nice Premier Inn hotels in Edinburgh.